Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy 2nd Week of June


Slow week again. I went on two exchanges this week. President wants us to do two, possibly even three a week over the next transfer. It's fun, but things definitely get a little hectic!

We found a new investigator this week! She's a single Hispanic lady. The first lesson went really well. We just showed "Because of Him" and talked about the Atonement. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to catch her home again. Hopefully we can keep teaching her consistently. We also had a lesson with a part member family. We talked a lot with the husband about ways to know God is really there. We focused a lot on recognizing the Spirit, but he really wants a sign to prove God is real. Like really, really wants a sign. Haha

We had Zone Meeting this week. It was a pretty standard Zone Meeting. Only difference was that I had to plan it. It's pretty much like planning a district meeting, only longer. We had some get-to-know you questions that were a little bro-friendly. Happens when you have an all Elders Zone. Someone asked "What kind go girls do you like?" to one of the elders. "Umm, Chinese." Haha

On a positive note, a girl in our YSA is dating a guy in Maryland who is taking the lessons. Well he is moving here in a few weeks, and says he is planning, as of now, to get baptized here. We are going to try to start doing Skype lessons with him, since he will have to go off our teaching record anyway. It'll help facilitate the process if we start teaching him now. The other missionaries might not like that, but I'm pretty good at beguiling people into getting what I want. ;) So we'll see. 

It's crazy how fast time has gone by. It'll be my birthday and my year-mark in less than a month. I took my birthday off Facebook, so this year I'll get to see who my real friends are. Haha. 

I'll add a picture from the baptism last week. 

Have a good week,
Elder Bunn

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June


Pretty slow week. Well, we had lots of little errands to run, so it went by pretty fast for how few lessons we taught. 

We helped some elders move from one apartment to another apartment in the same complex. Took way longer than we had anticipated. We all went to Chick Filet after. Luckily we had our debit cards filled again. My card, of course, was ripped in half, so I had the finance people put some of my money on Elder Safford's card. We also ate at Which Wich today, continuing the tradition of spending all of my money eating out at the beginning of the month. Huzzah

We had a baptism yesterday! His name is Chris. He was married to an active member for 13 years. I only taught him a couple times, but everyone still wanted me in the picture for some reason. Haha. It was the first baptism Sun Valley has had in forever. Hopefully we can have some continued success. Chris also baptized his son on Sunday after getting the priesthood. I don't know if we're supposed to give guys the priesthood the day they are confirmed, but the bishop was down, so we did it. Haha. Chris didn't want anyone to come to his baptism, so we didn't tell anybody. But lots of people came to his son Justin's. 

We had a pretty good lesson with a couple named Alexis and Rob. They are our only real investigators right now. We have a couple potential investigators that say we can come by, but they keep canceling. Hopefully we can finally meet with someone new. 

Saturday night, Elder Safford and I were supposed to go help the mission president edit some video. Turns out, someone else already finished the job when we got there, so instead we helped him change some air vent filters. Then we just talked with him the rest of the night. It was pretty fun. Haha I love our mission president. 

Other than that, we just visited a lot of less actives.

Elder Bunn

RIP L. Tom Perry

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Adventure Still Continues


Pretty slow week again. But some fun things happened. I exchanged with one of the District Leaders, which was a bike area. It was a nice shakeup. It hasn't been super hot yet, luckily. I stayed in the same apartment as Elder Langi, the huge Togan Elder playing football for BYU. He's super funny. I exchanged with one of the Assistants the next day, also going to his area. That went pretty well. Today we were playing flag football for Zone Activity. A big poly Elder, Elder Wolfrgramm, totally plowed me down on accident. It was actually pretty painful, and I am going to be sore tomorrow. Haha. I was like five feet from the end zone, and they gave me the touchdown out of pity. When I was on an exchange, we were doing some yardwork for this guy, and his pitbull bit a huge hole in my shirt. Luckily he didn't get my skin. Haha. We usually volunteer at this old people thrift shop every Wednesday and Thursday. I didn't get to this week because of exchanges. This week we have a baptism on Saturday! I didn't really teach him that many times, but I'll still get pictures. Haha. We set up a couple lessons with potential investigators for next week and the week after, so hopefully we can find some people to consistently teach. We are eating with a YSA member at the Cheesecake Factory tonight, which is exciting. Apparently he inherited a steel company from his dad. Also, my wallet got stolen. Here's a video of me recapping the experience. It'll be in parts because of email size limits. I'm going to need a new Driver's License.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Adventure Continues


Not a terribly exciting week. We are still spending most of our days trying to find new investigators. We do lots of service and random zone leader stuff, but we're still trying to find more people to teach. We visit a lot of less actives and part member families. Peoria is a lot slower than Glendale and West Maricopa. But we're working on it!

We met a part member family from Nampa. They knew some Bunns that I've never heard of. We're probably related somehow. Haha. 

We had to push our baptism back a couple weeks because of our investigator's work schedule. We also have a couple of other investigators that are progressing. We just have convince them to let us meet more often. Haha

Due to weird circumstances, I'll be exchanging two days in a row. I'll be leaving the area both times. Should be a nice shakeup. 

Sorry this email is so short! Busy day.

Elder Bunn

Monday, May 11, 2015

Round 3


The adventures in area three begin! Right now I'm a Zone Leader in Peoria. We serve in the Sun Valley Ward, which is right next to Manistee Ranch. I can't get very far away. Haha. We also serve in the Rio Vista YSA. But we can't tract or really efficiently find single adults 18-30, so we pretty much just serve in Sun Valley unless we get YSA referrals. The YSA is definitely not a Utah/Idaho YSA. It only has like 35ish active members, so it's a little different than what I'm used to.

I'm in a car now, which is nice. Won't have to deal with the heat. Peoria is notorious for being a tough zone. Sun Valley hasn't had a baptism since 2013, so it'll be a different experience than what I've been used to. I've been in the two easiest zones until now. 

We have two lessons tonight that should be good. They'll be my first real lessons here. Excited! I always love meeting our investigators for the first time when I get to a new area. Apparently we have a really solid investigator. We might have a baptism this Saturday, so I might have some inheritance baptism pictures. Haha

Nothing super exciting has happened so far, but Peoria should be fun. It's the only all Elders Zone.

Elder Bunn

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The End of the Second Era


We had two baptisms on Saturday! The service went really well. The talks were emotional, and it was more special, because a recent convert got to baptize his daughter and granddaughter. Lots of people came, thankfully. We tried not to set everything up last minute. But of course, due to circumstances we had partial control over, we ended up setting it up super last minute. But it went through! And it went well!

This week, we were told by the mission office to go clean the house we used to live in. We and four other elders went over and brought all of our cleaning supplies. As it turns out, the mission office took forever to tell us that we were supposed to do this, and the owner of the house just hired other people to do it. haha. So there were six of us that had nothing to do, so we ended up just calling people in our wards to try and find service to do. We found a couple people whose yards needed some work, so we ended up doing that all afternoon. While we were pulling weeds, we actually got the transfer text. Usually we get it Tuesday morning at 10, but we ended up getting it Monday afternoon. It was very anticlimactic. Usually everyone is huddled around their phone Tuesday morning, but it came while we were working and caught us off guard. It was like:

Elder Hedrick: "Hey we got the transfer news. Bunn, Melsen, we're getting transferred." 
Me: "Wait for reals."
Elder Hedrick: "Yeah."
Me: "But for reals."
Elder Hedrick: "No seriously."
Me: "Oh. Cool."

And that's pretty much how it went down. 

So yeah. I'm out! Area three, companion four, here I come!

I was really sore this week, because I started doing real workouts in the gym again. But I might not have a gym anymore in my new area, so it might be back to jogging. lol. I'm also getting a car in my new area, so I'll get to forsake the bike for a while. Some important piece on my bike rim broke, and another elder has a spare rim for me to have. But he forgot to bring it to me, and since I'm getting a car, I might just forget about it and worry about it later. haha

I wasn't in Villa de Paz nearly as long as I was in the Man Ran, so it's not as emotional to leave. I didn't really have an opportunity to get as close to the members. But thankfully, I was able to stay busy. The frustration of lack of things to do was brief. I've had a great three months here! Proud of Elder Kartchner. He's made huge strides this last couple transfers.

New journeys await. I know where I'm going, and I am pretty sure I know who my companion will be, but President told me not to tell anyone. I guess that includes my mass email! haha

Monday, April 27, 2015

And There Goes the 10th Month


We didn't end up having the baptisms this week, because the Bishop wanted to make sure that our investigators' dad/grandpa is worthy to do the baptisms. And he is! We will have them this week for sure on Saturday. We've already reserved the building and everything. So more pictures next week!

This week we were super busy again. Nothing extremely exciting happened, but as long as we're busy, I'm happy. We made contact again with a lady we were teaching. Turned out that her phone is broken, which is why she hadn't responded to our calls. We were really relieved, because she was a solid investigator. She still is! The only problem is that her husband isn't very enthusiastic about her investigating the church, so we have to tread kind of carefully. She is pretty confident he'll let her go to church if she keeps nagging him. haha

We had a ton of people come to Gospel Principles on Sunday. In fact, we had so many that the bishop let us use the gym instead of the little room at the end of the hall we usually use. We had six investigators come to sacrament meeting, and for some reason lots of people randomly brought their relatives to church too. It was awesome. The only random relative that was a nonmember and in our area was one of our investigator's dad. We had a lesson with him right after church. It went super well! Only problem is he drives trucks, and he is pretty much never home. So no idea how we are going to teach him, but hey, we got another solid investigator. 

Michele is still doing good! She actually got a way better job like two days after she was baptized. I would promise way more blessings to people if they usually came that fast. haha She actually was able to bring her sons to church too. They want to be baptized to, so it's only a matter of time until dad gives in. ;)

Jessica, who got baptized a couple weeks ago, is doing awesome. She already read the whole BoM, and she can quote some parts of it better than I can. I'm going to recommend that she speaks at a Stake devotional for investigators. She would do an awesome job. 

It's getting closer to the end of the transfer. Only one full week left. Next Tuesday will be P-day, and I'll know whether I'm staying or going. I think I'll stay, but every time I guess, I'm usually wrong. I wont' be too heartbroken if I go. I feel like I've left a positive mark here already. We will be going to the temple that morning, so hopefully that'll calm me down. I always get antsy around transfers. 

Peace out from La Villa de Paz,
Elder Bunn